Cognitive Behavioral and Integrative Psychology Associates

Our Mission Statement

Cognitive Behavioral and Integrative Psychology Associates (CBIPA) developed out of a genuine and sincere desire to offer comprehensive, evidence based cognitive behavioral services and interventions to children, adults, couples and families residing in Southwest Brooklyn and its surrounding communities.

Located in the heart of Borough Park, it is our mission to provide confidential, effective, short-term cognitive behavioral and integrative treatment while also working tirelessly to dispel the stigma of mental illness. It is our focus to help families identify emotional vulnerabilities at the earliest possible opportunity so that they or their loved ones may seek out the interventions and develop the skills capable of minimizing or eliminating the potential destructive impact of emerging emotional conditions.

We are strongly committed to developing as much comfort in caring for one’s emotional health hygiene as one has when caring for one’s physical health hygiene. Finally, CBIPA is excited to provide the highest quality training opportunities for those seeking experience and expertise with cognitive behavioral interventions. We look forward to offering courses, seminars and supervised training experiences for all those who share our unrestrained commitment to treating those in emotional distress