How does cognitive behavioral therapy work ?

Many people have questions about how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works. Therapy begins by contacting CBI Psych Associates or any of its clinical staff. An intake appointment will be made at a time convenient for you.

Your First Appointment

The intake appointment will begin with an explanation of your privacy rights. Information will then be gathered about your background and presenting concerns. The clinician will provide you with a sense of what can and cannot be offered so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing treatment.

Ongoing Therapy

Ongoing treatment will vary depending on the presenting issues. However, one can expect to be offered psycho-education regarding your concerns. This will be followed by the teaching of specific skills which the clinician will expect you to practice at home. These skills will then be applied to relieve the distress and ameliorate the symptoms related to your presenting issues.


After 12 – 16 sessions, the frequency, intensity, and duration of the presenting concerns will be reevaluated to objectively determine if the treatment has been effective. If so, consideration will be given to decreasing the frequency of sessions. A maintenance schedule will be established to assure that gains will be maintained. Finally, a decision to end treatment will be made together with your clinician.

Ongoing Care

In some cases, occasional booster sessions are scheduled to reinforce skills and address obstacles to successful maintenance.